5 Tips to Navigating Florida Boat Insurance

Florida attracts boat enthusiasts with its pleasant weather, extensive waterways, and diverse marine life. However, with this utopian setting comes unique risks that require tailored boat insurance coverage. Simple Insurance is a top provider of boat insurance solutions, outlines five key aspects to consider when safeguarding your vessel in the Sunshine State.

1. Prep for Hurricane Season

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Florida’s hurricane season, typically spanning from June to November, poses a significant threat to boats. Depending on your vessel’s size and value, you may be required to relocate your boat outside of the state during this period. This precautionary measure helps protect your investment from potential storm damage.

2. Verify Requirements of Residency

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Some insurance carriers mandate that boat owners reside in Florida full-time and maintain no other property outside the state. This policy aims to minimize absentee ownership risks, as local presence facilitates prompt action in case of theft or hurricane warnings.

3. Vessel Length and Value Limitations

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Insurance companies may impose restrictions on the length and value of insured boats to manage potential losses. For instance, certain carriers may decline to insure catamarans due to their susceptibility to capsizing, rendering them difficult to salvage.

4. Sailboat Specifications


Sailboat owners typically benefit from lower insurance premiums due to the perceived lower risk compared to speedboats. However, a separate deductible may apply for sailboat masts, particularly if constructed from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber’s lightweight and strength come at a cost, as it often requires complete replacement in the event of damage.

5. Auxiliary Motor Considerations

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Sailboat owners may be required to have an auxiliary motor on board for emergency situations. The presence of an auxiliary motor may also entitle owners to premium discounts.

Bonus Tip: Protect Your Investment with Simple Insurance

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While these restrictions may vary among carriers, Simple Insurance is committed to addressing your specific concerns.

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